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A World Food Programme(WFP)verified plastic pallets supplier – LINGYUE PACKING

We are honored to say that ,LINGYUE PACKING is World Food Programme (WFP)verified plastic pallets supplier again . As we all know , World Food Programme (in following we will say WFP) is the leading humanitarian organization saving lives and

How to choose well plastic pallets in cold storage warehouse?

Plastic pallets in cold storage : This article show the most tips to help you with plastic pallet in cold storage warehouse . Every year ,we will get lots inquiries for plastic pallets in cold storage.But clients need to confirm

China plastic pallets factory looking for partners all over the world

China plastic pallets factory -LINGYUE This article is in the purpose of creating a new job for you. LINGYUE PALLETS ,as the largest china plastic pallets factory ,we are heading to the china’s largest pallets manufacturer actually . LINGYUE are

Main designs for 5 gallons(19 Liters ) bottled water bottles plastic rack

This is an article in purpose of introduce some mainly bottled water racks, which are most popular in the water market . For 5 gallons bottled water bottles ,there are some special plastic racks .Because 5 gallons water bottles are

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