Do You Have A Pallet Requirement  We Can Help With?

A.Uneven Weight Cargoes on pallets.

Mostly are bags packing cargoes ,such as powder ,salt, fertilizer, sugar and so on industries .

A Double faced reversible pallets is highly recommended .By this ,pallets lifespan can be longer and forklifts do not broke cargoes package when do get entry pallets.

Sizes normally in 1200x1000x150mm ,1300x1100x150mm,1200x1200x150mm,1100x1100x150mm and so on.

B.Even weight cargoes on pallets.

Mostly are cartons packing cargoes ,such as beers,beverage,wine,tobacco and so on industries .

If clients want to save money ,a single faced pallets can be workable .

A. Pallet Jack (Hand pallets forklift) 2 way entry

Three Runner back design pallets are workable with pallet jack ,but only for 2 way entry.

B. Pallet Jack (Hand pallets forklift) 4 way entry

Nine feet deign pallets are workable almost all kinds of trucks with 4 way entry.

If a company pallets work with forklift trucks ,application for cargoes transfer ,cargoes storage in warehouse without layers stacking .A full perimeter base pallets is highly recommended .

This is the design more stable than other single faced .Quality is higher than single faced design but more economic than a reversible double faced design.

So if you are in this way of pallets applications ,just go to choose prefer sizes  and come to us .

Selective Racking Systems

Selective Racking Systems are the easiest pallets racking systems.Due to pallets will be out of racking edges around 10-15 cm.So there are not very high rack bearing capacity requirements on pallets.

Depends on cargoes weight ,less than 500kgs ,The Pallets can be recommended normal light weight metal pallets and three runners back design plastic pallets.More than 500kgs ,plastic pallets need to do steel reinforced.

Drive-in Racking Systems

Drive in racking systems need pallets stronger than selective racking .Especially for racking loading capacity.

Normally plastic pallets need to do steel reinforced .

Shuttle Racking Systems

Shuttle racking systems work between drive-in systems and AS/RS systems.Cargoes are transferred with shuttles on racking systems.

Due to pallets need to work with shuttle trucks,normally pallets need to be strong enough with some certain Flexibility .And normally ,pallets need to be flat top .

AS/RS Systems

Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (ASRS)  are the new tech nowadays.Due to it’s high density warehouse storage ,lots of enterprises are more and more interested on this.

Pallets need to be RFID. And design need to confirm with racking systems suppliers,the following some of LY pallets supplied for AS/RS.