Project Description

ORION – AS/RS systems

ORION company headquarter in Korea. In the year of 2013,their main production two factories Located in Langfang city – Hebei Province,china.Needed to have large storage warehouse .LINGYUE joined the warehouse building project .Racking height 20.75 meters .Totally pallets in need of 24500pcs.New warehouse improved logistic efficient 42% higher than before.

Pallets information :

Plastic material pallets.

Size :


Design :

Three runners back flat top with steel reinforced.

Capacity :

Dynamic loading 1500kgs,static loading 6000kgs ,rack loading 1000kgs

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Project Details


July 12th, 2013


ORION company

Pallets Applications

AS/RS system

Quantity In Needed

24500 pcs

Project Gallery

Plastic pallets for AS/RS systems
Flat rackable plastic pallets with anti slip rubbers
flat asrs plastic pallets reinforced