HUAREN -Selective Racking Systems

Huaren century group ,one of leading pharmaceutical company in china  .Pallets need to be hygienic .In the year of 2016,huaren need 9800pcs of special pallets in sizes 1300x1200mm .Flat easy washing design ,LINGYUE was invited to finish the pallets parts project.

From design to the mold finished ,total 90 days.Mold cost 120000$.

Pallets information :

Plastic material pallets.

Size :


Design :

Three skids back totally smooth surface design with Steel reinforced.

Capacity :

Dynamic loading 2500kgs,static loading 8000kgs ,rack loading 1300 kgs

Project Details


JULY 25th, 2016


Huaren Century Group

Pallets Applications

Selective Racking Systems 

Quantity In Needed 

9800 pcs

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