NONGFU SPRING ,china’s leading water company.In the year of 2014 ,nongfu spring in need of a special pallets for their 5 gallons bottled  water safety transfer and storage.Their previous pallets is one piece injection can be directly worked with forklift.But quality is poor,nongfu wanted a much more durable contact area between pallets and forklift. LINGYUE started to design a pallets and pads work together unit for water storage rack. Pallets warranty more than 5 years.

Pallets information :

Plastic material pallets.

Size :


Design :

Plastic pads for bottled water storage and transfer

Capacity :

20 bottles per pad

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Project Details


August 18th, 2014



Pallets Applications

5 Gallons Bottled Water Storage And Transfer

Quantity in Needed

9000 pcs per year

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