Product Details

Sizes :

1200 x 1000 x 150 mm (48”x 40”x 6”)  

Design :

Six Runners back with Mesh top ,anti-slip rubbers installed for anti slippery .

Loading Capacity :

Dynamic  1500 kg (3300 lb)   Static 6000 kg (13000 lb) Rack 600 kg (1200 lb)

Workable Forklifts :

All kinds of forklifts ,pallets stokers , and so on 

Application Recommended :

Warehouse Stacking storage ,cargoes transfer,racking systems and so on.Well performance on double deep racking systems.

Feature :

Durable and stable design .More Stable than single faced pallets but cheaper than double faced pallets.

If a company work with Mechanical forklift only for cargoes transferring ,cargoes are heavy and frequency transferred ,this pallet is highly recommended .

Plastic pallets in very heavy duty capacity without any  steel bars reinforcement.

Supply Ability :

5000 pcs/Month

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Model Name

#035-LY-TW1210 A


Virgin /Recycled Anti-Impact HDPE /PP


Blue or Customized


Printed or Embossed with requested

FCL(Full Container Loading)

370 pcs/40”HC


In bulk

Steel Reinforced Acceptable


RFID Acceptable


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