MengNiu Dairy Group –AS/RS Systems

MengNiu Dairy Group , one of china’s most well known dairy company. LINGYUE and MengNiu had been shake each hands more than 10 years .In the past 10 years ,no matter rental or sale business ,we have very well relationship . In the beginning of the year 2018 ,mengniu made new AS/RS systems warehouse.LINGYUE take the job to supply all required pallets.

Pallets information :

Plastic material pallets.

Size :


Design :

Three runners back totally smooth surface.

Capacity :

Dynamic loading 2500kgs,static loading 8000kgs ,rack loading 1300kgs

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Project Details


March 14th, 2018


MengNiu Dairy Group

Pallets Applications

AS/RS systems

Quantity In Needed 

40800 pcs

Project Gallery

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