Coca-Cola Mainly do pallets rental in china.Every month ,all factories all over china , Coca-Cola rental more than 10 thousands pieces of plastic pallets for cargoes transfer and storage.Normally ,all beverage companies need double faced design pallets.LINGYUE supply flat top with welding design and steelreinfoced .Compare the one piece injection design ,Help factories to reduce pallets broken rate a lot.

Pallets information :

Plastic material pallets.

Size :


Design :

Double faced flat top with steel reinforced.

Capacity :

Dynamic loading 2500kgs,static loading 8000kgs ,rack loading 1300 kgs

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Project Details


August 21st, 2018



Pallets Applications
Beverage transfer and warehouse storage
Quantity In Needed

More than 10000 pcs rental per year

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