Mainly ways for plastic pallets make pallets

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This article mainly introduces how plastic pallets manufacturers make pallets.And the advantages and disadvantages of various plastic pallet molding methods.They are generally formed in the following three ways: 1.Injection mold Injection Molding methods are relatively common for mostly plastic pallets manufacturers , and most of the plastic pallet products are manufactured by injection molding.

Beer and beverage industry-specific plastic Pallets

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Shandong LingYue packing products co.,ltd Hotline:+86-18053958202 -Whatsapp/Wechat Email Beverage plastic pallets and beer plastic pallets can be standard all over the world. For the beer and beverage industry, their packaging size are relatively simple, but the frequency of using is very high.With our rich supplying experience for many beer and beverage manufacturers . We

Why plastic material pallets are the future we think ?

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At first ,there are no plastic pallets. Wooden pallets are the most popular for logistic and warehouse storage. But wooden pallets can not bear the future. Due to low loading capacity ,easy Mildew ,damage environment and so on problems. Then we have metal pallets .But as we all know that ,metal pallets is very expensive

Plastic pallets with RFID chips in warehousing and logistics industry

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A readable and writable RFID chip which is embedded in a plastic pallets named as RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) plastic pallets  . It is composed of a plastic pallets and an RFID radio frequency identification chip. As a non-contact automatic identification technology, RFID is widely used in auto industrial , commercial and logistics information etc,with its

How to choose cold storage plastic pallets

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Plastic pallets for cold storage need to be virgin material firstly. According to the temperature of the cold storage, food cold storage can be divided into four categories, namely as fresh storage, cold storage, quick freezing and low temperature storage. Different types of cold storage use different design of plastic pallets. The following is a

How to have long time quality plastic pallets ?

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Plastic pallets, as a daily essential logistics and storage tool, are getting more and more attention. Today, we will introduce some knowledge about the correct way to use plastic pallets and how to prevent damage to plastic pallets which hopefully can help clients to reduce the cost and increase the use frequency of pallets. How

A New Design For 5 Gallons Bottled water Rack

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In order to service clients better for storage and transport 5 gallons bottled water rack ,with one of china largest water company NONGFU SPRING requested ,LINGYUE designed a new water rack for 5 gallons bottled water storage and transfer. Compare to the traditional design for 5 gallons bottled water racks,new racks have more advantages: 1.Assembled design

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