There are many types of pallets even every pallet is different from the other pallet in structure, basically pallets are the flat transport structure that helps to give support to heavy objects, to protect them in storage and shipping. If we look from the distance every pallet seems same from the one another, but in real they are bit different in structure. Pallets are made from different materials like wood, plastic, metal and from recycled materials. In this blog we will tell you the types of pallets you will find in the market, warehouse or at any grocery store and their benefits:

Wood Block Pallets

A strong, sustainable load unitization solution is block pallets. Block pallets are ideal for automated material handling processes, providing a true four-way entry, saving space for total transport, storage and material handling. You can easily load the goods on it and transport them, many of people use them to give support to heavy objects like fridge, deep freezer machines to protect them from water even in their houses. I still remember we use to have them and I guess it is still there. Block pallets are also made from recycled solid wood and plywood and also it can be remanufactured and repaired.

Stringer Pallets

Stringer pallets are two ways pallets means the board are attached between the top and bottom sides, which gives the support to the pallets. We called them stringers pallets because the stringers are used in them. Mostly they are 2* 4 or 3*4 support. It helps the company to use the air space as well and be effective inn utilizing the warehouse space and cost. It helps to protect the goods from damages and eliminate the installation thing. Some plastic pallet makers in the market use iron rod in them to give them strong support and don’t let them bend.

Solid Pallets

Solid pallets are known for its solid surface and using hard materials like metal or hard plastic. These pallets are very appealing to many customers as they are strong enough to hold the load and very safe to use. They are easy to clean and transported.