Plastic pallets are considered the best shipping platform for many companies. The reason that Plastic pallets serve with myriad benefits from the material out of which they are made. Plastic is durable, light, sturdier, and nonabsorbent material that is not subject to moisture or microbe degradation. High-quality plastic pallets have a robust unitized assembly that does not have nails or boards. These nails and boards are often an issue in the wooden pallets that often pull loose and leave behind debris in transport and production areas. The assembly and material of plastic pallets make them a perfect shipping platform for industries where safety, hygiene, and strength are essential, such as the following:


Sanitation in food production, storage, and carriage is critically important to keep patrons safe and avoid load refutations by retailers and the associated fees. Employing plastic pallets helps food transporters and producers meet and even exceed the Food Safety Modernization Act requirements.


Pharmaceutical items like vaccines, drugs, and biologicals have even stringent hygiene requirements than those in place for food sectors. Many pharmaceutical industries require strict cleanroom surrounding for manufacturing and packaging. The nonabsorbent and sanitized plastic pallets are the only cargo platforms that can meet the hygiene requirements for cleanroom pallets and can also bear the rigors of shipping outside of the cleanroom.

Paper Products

Products like diapers and paper towels need to arrive at the vendors with their packaging intact so that they remain safe and hygienic for use. The suppleness and unitized assembly of plastic pallets do away with splinters, debris, and sharp edges that can destruct the packaging of paper products.

Heavy Items

Water, beverages, and other liquid products in bulk have a great deal of weight for their volume. Industrial objects, such as auto components, can also be quite heavy. High-quality plastic pallets attained from the global pallets providers are significantly sturdier than their wood counterparts and capable of carrying a massive load of 5000 pounds.