A pallet is a frame which increasingly facilitates the mechanical handling of goods using a forklift or a similar tool. What’s interesting about them is that they can be manufactured using wood or plastic. We are going to talk about the plastic ones as they are considerably more reliable and cost-effective. If you are someone new to the pallets industry, let’s begin answering the questions on your mind.

Choosing Different Types of Plastic Pallets

Here’s the thing, there are three different kinds of plastic pallets available in the industry with varying materials, designs, color, size, and applications. As far as the material is concerned, there are two common types of plastics being used in the manufacturing of pallets, namely; Polypropylene and High-density polyethylene. There are also pallets available made from recycled plastic.

Similarly, classification on the basis of designs refers to the uniquely constructed pallets that include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Display plastic pallets
  • Drum plastic pallets
  • Hygienic plastic pallets
  • Transport plastic pallets
  • Shipping plastic pallets

The plastic pallets are even differentiated based on the manufacturing processes. While some are injection molded, there are ones that are thermoformed.

What Are The Features of Plastic Pallets?

The key characteristics of these pallets are as follows;

  • There are many design options available due to the accessibility of various production methods.
  • Plastic pallets are recyclable, resulting in environmentally friendly utilization.
  • They are extremely strong and durable while supporting enormous loads.
  • It is relatively lightweight than wood.
  • Plastic pallets are resistant to chemicals and varying weather conditions.

Such impressive qualities are the reason behind the popularity of plastic pallets within several supply chain factories.

What Are The Advantages?

Let’s talk about the benefits of using plastic pallets;
Industries find plastic pallets increasingly useful as they are easier to clean and helps in maintaining hygiene standards.

  • Buying plastic pallets is a long-term investment as they are highly durable and reliable.
  • Plastic pallets are stackable, thus, require less storage space and helps in saving costs.
  • Their design makes handling nearly effortless using a forklift.
  • Plastic pallets prove worthwhile for the transport industry due to their quality of being lightweight.
  • They can handle heavy loads without any difficulty making them ideal for transporting, shipping, and importing various types of goods.

Can you think of any other tool that has equally impressive features and accessibility? It is advisable to make a deal with a reputable China plastic pallet manufacturer to get acceptable quality and reliable products.