As we all know ,for injection molds ,clients can not choose whatever they wanted dimension to exactly support their cargoes .If you want new dimension which did not exist the mold ,you have to pay huge money to make the molds .

With our long time focus on plastic pallets research,we finally have a national patent to fill the defects of designing the new model for the injection molding pallets in different sizes.You can customize whatever plastic pallet dimension as you want ,smaller like 800x600mm ,larger up to 5 x 5 meter ,all can be made from us without any new molds fee cost .

we have been in cooperation with a number of well-known enterprises around the world since we started the international trade. We can meet all your need, no matter how large the size is. Welcome to your cooperation.

The following some of our unusual dimension show :

1900 x 1100 plastic pallet

1900 x 1100 mm  

1800 x 1600 plastic pallet

1500 x 1500 mm

1800 x 1600 super large plastic pallet

1800 x 1600 mm

1800 x 1500 plastic pallet

1800 x 1500 mm

2400 x 1200 plastic pallet

2400 x 1200 mm

Super large reversible plastic pallets

2000 x 2000 mm

Reversible assemble plastic pallets

2400 x 2100 mm