A Pallet is a base used for the unitization of products. It is a form of tertiary packaging and has a flat structure. It is a movable, horizontal, and firm composite platform used as a base for assembling, accumulating, storing, handling, and transporting items as a unit load and often equipped with forklifts, pallet jacks, conveyors for handling. It could be stored in racking or bulk storage.


The Pallets, along with its tools, were inaugurated in the 20th century. With changing time, these pallets became advanced with modern logistics. Pallets are used mostly for supply chain applications since the beginning.

Pallet Specifications

There is a wide variety of pallets used for different products and items. Every product is suitable for specific types of pallets. You can look for the following measures while selecting a pallet:

  1. Dispensable And Reusable: Always choose better quality pallets because they are durable and cost-effective. Pallets are reusable and have a less environmental impact, so always go for the best option because they can be reused.
  2. Styles: Pallets are also available in different styles and features like single or double-face. In case of reversible pallets, either side of it can be used for the top-deck, and in non-reversible pallets are intended to be used as top-deck, but it also has a bottom-deck. A single-faced pallet is also referred as a Skid.
  3. Directions Of Entry: There are two directions of entry in pallets Block and Stringer. With the help of instruments, Block pallets give more options for the entry. The solid stringers in pallets grant two-way entry at each end. There are also Notch stringers that allow partial four-way entry with the help of forklifts and notches. The Block pallets provide full four-way entry.
  4. Materials: Different pallets are fabricated from different types of materials. The three most used pallets are Wood pallets, Plastic Pallets, and Metal pallets. Metal pallets are only used for such products where extra strength and durability are required. Wood is a hard material available in different sizes. Plastic pallets are the best and most usable pallets for all types of items, this is the reason they are accessible and used globally. The stackable plastic pallets offer features like versatility, durability, and hygienic conditions.