Plastic pallets in cold storage :

This article show the most tips to help you with  plastic pallet in cold storage warehouse .

Every year ,we will get lots inquiries for plastic pallets in cold storage.But clients need to confirm again and again the pallets need to be best performance in cold situation .Because they bought lots easily broken plastic pallets in cold. Some of them need to bought some samples first ,it will cost buyers lots money.

So we write this article to show our professional on plastic pallets for cold warehouse storage .

In the beginning ,let’s see how does our plastic pallet performances on cold racking :

Plastic pallets in cold warehouse storage

plastic pallets in cold warehouse storage

You can see ,even our pallets are frozen ,they are still have good performance .

How can we make it ? The following some tips will help you a lot .

1.Raw material choose .

If the plastic pallets will be used in cold situation ,in the start you should choose raw material have good performances in cold situation .

Normally ,we have two choices on plastic pallets raw material – Plastic HDPE and PP .

A .  HDPE material

It is softer than PP ,but it has better performance than PP in temperature below 0℃ .Learn more here about it’s chemical properties.Please click here.

B. PP (Polypropylene)

PP is harder than HDPE ,it have good performance in hot temperature .But below 0℃,it become more fragile and easily broken. Learn more here about it’s chemical properties .Please click here.

So ,firstly,we should avoid PP material and go PE raw material for cold storage plastic pallets.

2.Raw material grade

Normally virgin HDPE material are highly recommended for plastic pallets in cold storage .

Virgin material is much more Flexible than recycled material .For recycled material ,we can not sure what’s previously application ,maybe under sun for long time ,or maybe unhealthy ways.

There will be lots of dusts mixture ,which makes pallets very fragile .

So choose virgin material is very important .It looks like this :

plastic pallets raw material - Blue

plastic pallets raw material – Blue

Or ,like this :

And with virgin material ,make pallets beautiful color which even can make sunlight through. Like this :



Virgin plastic pallets

Virgin plastic pallets

3.Strict Capacity Requirement.

This is the tips specially for plastic pallets used on racking systems in cold warehouse. In low temperature warehouse ,plastic will be effected .Maybe it can load more in normal .But we need to higher it’s standard .Normally ,a steel reinforcement need to be done for plastic pallets. By this ,we make less shape change on racking ,so pallets can be last longer time and have long lifespan.

And ,make sure your cargoes are within limited of plastic pallets capacity .

4. Forklift driver training .

A. Drive soft.

When drive out plastic pallets in cold warehouse storage, you’d better put plastic pallets in normal situation first for short time without too much conflict .To make plastic material have short time to recover soft .By this , when you make transport ,it have stronger impact ability .

B.Make cargoes on pallets soft.

Forbidden to drop plastic pallets in high position .And forbidden to through cargoes roughly directly on plastic pallets .

C. Uneven cargoes on pallets.

Make cargoes as uneven as you can on plastic pallets. Do not make cargoes focus on one point on plastic pallets.

5. For frozen room

Normally it’s used for food industry .And this need cargoes to be frozen as soon as they are .So it will consider the pallets construction .Normally ,we prefer a mesh top plastic pallets. By this ,the cargoes have enough touch area with cold air. And the air have enough space to flow below cargoes and make cargoes frozen soon.

We have an article about the plastic pallets for frozen room .

Conclusion :

5 tips you need to focus on for plastic pallets in cold storage :

Raw material needs to PE instead PP.

Virgin grade raw material.

Within plastic pallets loading capacity

Training your forklift driver

Pallets in well design.

By these ,you can have good choices and make your cold warehouse safe .

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