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This article is in the purpose of creating a new job for you.

LINGYUE PALLETS ,as the largest china plastic pallets factory ,we are heading to the china’s largest pallets manufacturer actually .

LINGYUE are looking for new partners all over the world.

What kinds of people we are looking for ?

The one who have strong faith on LINGYUE .Trust LINGYUE can supply best plastic pallets .

It’s better if you have experiences on racking systems ,warehouses ,logistic such as.

What’s your job  ?

Find you local companies who will need plastic pallets , such as food company ,beverage company ,warehouse with racking systems.

Transfer your faith on LINGYUE to them .

No need any export first ,we have rich experiences team to help client to go the right pallets.

What you can get from us ?

Firstly ,you can get our good commissions .

With time going on ,you will have enough knowledge  on plastic pallets .

As long as you have enough experiences ,you can stands for LINGYUE as our Solo agent in your local market.

Then you will have all of our enquirers from your local market .

A branch company and GM position will be prepared for you.

Why  you go us ?

  1. This is special product , pallets.It’s a product no need you to have any warehouse .And this is a product without any special packing details.Normally are in bulk packing .Very good products for B2B business.
  2. If a company need plastic pallets ,no need for them to buy right now . It’s a product with time preparing .So we have enough time to manufacture from china .
  3. Plastic pallets will be the trending for replacing wooden pallets.Especially  steel reinforcement plastic pallets ,they are in advantages of plastic recyclable  ,also in heavy duty with a steel pallets.And china plastic pallets are in high prices/quality ratios.

    Steel Reinforced plastic pallets.

    Steel Reinforced plastic pallets.

  4. LINGYUE pallets ,as china’s largest plastic pallets distributor,we are worthy for your faith in.

Looking for partners all over the world is one of company strategy from the year 2016 .Now we are paying thousands of dollars to our partners .

As a supplier for china plastic pallets factory ,we are firmly heading to market all over the world. And our road to world needs your help.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested .And let’s make our achievement together.

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