This is an article in purpose of introduce some mainly bottled water racks, which are most popular in the water market .

For 5 gallons bottled water bottles ,there are some special plastic racks .Because 5 gallons water bottles are not so easy to be storage and transfer. Hereby ,LINGYUE will introduce some main designs and show some of their advantages and disadvantages for water plant references .

The first generation

The first generation 5 gallons bottled water rack started from America and Europe .One Bottom pallets with some water holder .Normally one layer stacks 8 bottles water.

Advantages :it is still the most popular device all over the world,and  widely accepted by water factories. And it is working Mature with auto packing robot machine.

Disadvantages: Firstly it is very expensive .And the bottom plastic pallet was designed to be connected with water holder racks .So once bottom pallets were broken by forklift or robots ,it will cost extra more money .And one bottom pallets makes around 40 bottles water ,it’s not in good efficient .

You can watch how does it work on YOUTUBE :

The second generation

water pallets

Frankly ,this is almost the same generation with the first one. It’s just being used in small water factories. Not so popular in large water plants.

It’s designed as a pallet also. Pallets stacked on pallets.

Advantages :It no need a bottom pallet. This pallet can be workable directly with a pallet jack or forklift. Good for less budgets small factories.

Disadvantages :It is very easy to be broken. Less efficient .Poor performance with auto packing robots .And very unstable as layers racks storage.

You can watch how does it work on YOUTUBE:

The third generation

new 5 gallons water bottles rack with 20 bottles capacity

The third generation 5 gallons water racks from china .First used by china’s leading water company ,NONGFU SPRING. LINGYUE learned lots of existed water bottles rack all over the world. And considering NONGFU situation ,they need a durable water racks for long time distance transfer ,even the 5 gallons water bottles racks need to be storage on trains.

Water bottles racks on train

So racks need to be large sizes ,stable ,and high efficient .

The bottom pallets is a reinforced welding design reversible flat top plastic pallets. Which is in high anti impact ability with forklift.

Advantages :Stable ,high quality ,high efficient(20 bottles capacity) ,and well performance on long distance transport. Work well with auto packing robots.

Disadvantages : Can not be workable with pallet jacks. Size is large ,sometimes ,it waste spaces on trucks. So not work well on trucks.

You can watch how does it work on YOUTUBE:

The forth Generation

5 gallons bottled water bottles plastic rack

This is the water bottles racks from china also. It’s a upgrade design depends on the third generation. Avoid third generation’s disadvantages .It is in world standard sizes 1100x1100mm .Suitable for any trucks ,shipping containers and so on.And it add new design to hold 4 gallons water bottles .

4 gallons bottled water rack

So it is also a 4 gallons water bottles racks.

The only Disadvantage is , not so many persons know this design.

You can watch how does it work on YOUTUBE:

Hopefully ,this article can do some help to the water industry plant .

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We are still working on this industry ,to work as a water porter to everyone in the world. To service more and more water company well.

And wish all of us could treasure one of our most important value in the world – Water resources .