A selective racking project with plastic pallets 120x120x16 cm introduction.

This article mainly introduces a recently project we just finished ,in order to help new clients  to choose the a suitable pallets if they are in need of the same application pallets.

In the middle of NOV., LINGYUE finished a racking systems project. The basic information as following :

Product name :Warehouse racking systems plastic pallets supply

Pallets application : Selective racking systems.

Pallets Spec. :Plastic pallets 120x120x16 cm ,Dynamic loading 1500kgs ,static loading 6000kgs ,rack loading 1500kgs.

Material : Plastic (Anti-impact virgin Polypropylene)

Pallets color : Black

Clients LOGO was printed on pallets for free.

Quantity :3120 PCS (8*40HC containers)

Include the previously orders ,total quantity more than 9400 pcs.

Pallets design :Three runners back with steel reinforced for high rack loading capacity. Totally 8 pieces of steel tubes inserted .Pallets self weight around 25.70kgs/pc.