How to buy plastic pallets ? Three Important Points to Help You

Lots companies used to work with wooden pallets ,they are confused about how to buy plastic pallets once they are interested in plastic material.

Pallets are popular used on almost every production company.At first ,companies work with wooden pallets.Wooden makes less different between different design capacity .But now ,more and more enterprises are coming to Plastic Pallets.Plastic material makes huge differences between different design.Some Pallets even with steel reinforced .So buyers must consider more about plastic pallets compare wooden pallets.The following we would like to advise clients to consider the most important three points ,so they can get best suitable pallets.

Pallets Applications 

Different usage need different design plastic pallets.Such as warehouse layers stacking ,you need a double faced pallets.Racking systems need pallets to be high bearing on racking loading .Cold warehouse need pallets material in virgin and so on.

Pallets Sizes

Pallets sizes depends on cargoes sizes and cargoes shape. Nowadays ,the most popular sizes are 1200x1000mm ,1100x1100mm and Euro size 1200x800mm, and some of others clients customized .LINGYUE have more than hundreds of different design and sizes can be chosen.

Pallets Loading Capacity Requirements

A pallets Capacity requirement normally depends on three standard.

Static loading capacity :Pallets sit on ground

Dynamic loading capacity : Pallets on trucks

Rack loading capacity :Pallets used on racing systems.

Static loading is not so important compare to the other two .So normally we care less about static loading capacity.But clients need to be carefully with dynamic and rack loading requirements.Once make any mistakes ,it will make damage to buyers.