This article mainly introduces how plastic pallets manufacturers make pallets.And the advantages and disadvantages of various plastic pallet molding methods.They are generally formed in the following three ways:

1.Injection mold

Injection Molding methods are relatively common for mostly plastic pallets manufacturers , and most of the plastic pallet products are manufactured by injection molding. This way product is flat, smooth and attractive. It can be freely designed according to the shape of the products. It has strong plasticity. Normally pallets are divided into six runners back ,three runners back ,nine feet nest able design and double faced.Surface can be grid or flat depends on clients’ requirements.

2.Extruded plastic pallets

Separate parts of pallets made by extruded machines ,head machine other related equipment ,then assemble and install .At first , people generally used natural plant fibers and waste plastic as the main raw materials. This method was popular in the early days and greatly promoted the development of plastic pallets. This pallets has a feeling similar to a wooden material, and the solid wood feels strong. And it is not afraid of water and insect bites.

3.Blow mold design

With plastic pallets manufacturers’ budgets ,blow molds pallets normally  are divided into nine feet and double faced design.Most of double faced can be 2 way or 4 way entry.In recent years, it has sharp developed and the special type is very strong. However, the surface of such plastic tray products is not uniform.