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Beverage plastic pallets and beer plastic pallets can be standard all over the world.

For the beer and beverage industry, their packaging size are relatively simple, but the frequency of using is very high.With our rich supplying experience for many beer and beverage manufacturers . We have presented our Heavy duty steel reinforced LY-TW series .

At present, we have served beer and beverage industry customers: Budweiser Beer, China Resources Snow, Tsingtao Brewery, Yanjing Beer, Chongqing Beer, Carlsberg Beer and many other beer manufacturers; Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kangshifu, Wa Haha company, Huierkang, Nongfu Spring and so on beverage companies.

Heavy duty steel reinforced LY-TW series :

Pallets Imagines :

Pallets Specification  :

Sizes : 1200x1000x150mm (1100x1100x150mm)

Capacity : Dynamic loading 2500 kgs ,static loading 8000 kgs ,rack loading 1000 kgs

Pallets Features :

  1. Standard sizes full perimeter design ,suitable for floor stacking and cargoes transfer .
  2. Combined design ,easily for repair .
  3. Totally 14 pieces of  steel pipes inside for steel reinforced .
  4.  4 way entry suitable for all kinds of moving trucks.
  5. With the following advantages which make your wooden pallets impossible :Moisture proof, mildew proof, no nails, no thorns, no pests, no swarf, recyclable, safe and sanitary, etc.