At first ,there are no plastic pallets. Wooden pallets are the most popular for logistic and warehouse storage. But wooden pallets can not bear the future. Due to low loading capacity ,easy Mildew ,damage environment and so on problems. Then we have metal pallets .But as we all know that ,metal pallets is very expensive and very heavy selfweight .They are popular only on Machinery manufacturing industry .

The development pushed people to find a new material to have the best performance .So came plastic pallets, and it gives new opportunities for logistic and warehouse storage development.

This article would like to help users to learn more about plastic pallets about it’s advantages.

Loading capacity .

Plastic material pallets bear heavier cargoes than wooden pallets. And a steel reinforced design plastic pallet sometimes have the same capacity to replace a metal pallets.

Long life time

A plastic pallets life time can be 10 times more than wooden material. It’s a lifetime benefit .

Excellent reliability

Plastic pallets has good stability, no chemical reaction occurs in acid or alkali. This is closely related to the chemical nature of polyethylene, and it is also the fundamental foundation for plastic pallets in the logistics industry.

Health and safety

This is especially important in the food industry. Plastic pallets are made of polyethylene ,which is a non-toxic and odorless hygienic substance. The food grade plastic bags are commonly used are polyethylene and polypropylene products .

Targeted for industry

Plastic pallets are now more and more accepted by companies. Food, packaging, medicine, tobacco, logistics and other industries are widely used.


Although purchase of plastic pallets may be more expensive than wooden pallets .But it is important to know that plastic pallets have a very high service life and extremely high recycling value.

Environmental protection

plastic pallets have the advantage of being recyclable. Unlike wooden pallets, the forest area will be greatly reduced, which is not friendly to environment.