A readable and writable RFID chip which is embedded in a plastic pallets named as RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) plastic pallets  . It is composed of a plastic pallets and an RFID radio frequency identification chip.

As a non-contact automatic identification technology, RFID is widely used in auto industrial , commercial and logistics information etc,with its advantages of recognizing moving objects, simultaneously identifying multiple objects, non-contact methods, and no intervention field.

RFID identification technology is a high-efficiency, accurate and intelligent identification method. By working with a plastic pallets, it makes a real-time data collection on the cargoes position, quantity, time of entry and exit of . It is widely used in the storage of single-variety large batches of products. For example,tobacco industry and e-commerce logistics use plastic pallets with RFID chips to classify products in warehouse inventory. Once the order is received, it can be realized through the terminal system. Sorting the goods to achieve the purpose of timely delivery.

In the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy and so on industries,  using of plastic pallets with RFID chips, through the terminal equipment to timely track the products on the plastic pallets, make sure all cargoes can be timely out of the warehouse during the warranty period.

Plastic pallets with RFID chips have broad application prospects in warehousing and logistics industry. Choosing the right plastic pallet design is the most important things. In general, RFID chips is recommended to be located in the middle of the bottom pallets. Such as the three runners back design plastic pallets ,which are mostly applicate on racking systems ,is generally at the bottom of the middle leg of the plastic pallets.

The advantages of reserving the RFID chip at the bottom of the plastic tray are:

  1. Prevent chips from being stolen. It’s difficult to think that reserved chip card slot is at the bottom, reducing the risk of theft.
  2. Prevent the chip from being damaged by contact with other items at the bottom.
  3. It’s easily to leak water at the bottom , which can better protect the chip.
  4. The chip has a chip cover to protect the it better.