Plastic pallets for cold storage need to be virgin material firstly.

According to the temperature of the cold storage, food cold storage can be divided into four categories, namely as fresh storage, cold storage, quick freezing and low temperature storage. Different types of cold storage use different design of plastic pallets. The following is a brief introduction of the function of the cold storage with different temperatures. By introducing the characteristics of the cold storage, we can find out the factors that should be considered when selecting the plastic pallet.

Low temperature storage: the warehouse temperature is generally -22 ° C ~ -25 ° C

Cold storage: The warehouse temperature is generally -15 ° C ~ -18 ° C mainly used for food refrigeration.

The storage temperature of the fresh-keeping warehouse is generally 0 °C ~ 5 °C, which is mainly used for fresh meat, dairy products, fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables. the food is in a lower temperature environment, and the temperature is not lower than 0 °C. In this environment, food can be kept as fresh as possible.

If the temperature of warehouse is 0 ° C – 5 ° C. The average bacteria can not survive, and there are still a large number of bacteria that can breed at this temperature, such as Listeria. In order to avoid the infection of external bacteria,pallets should be easy to clean. The grid design plastic pallets are not easy to clean because of a large number of mesh holes. Therefore, it is necessary to select a plastic pallets with totally flat (the upper and lower surfaces are flat). ) Such as LINGYUE hygienic design plastic pallets. This pallet is characterized by easy cleaning and nowhere to breed bacteria. It is the best choice for plastic pallets in cold storage.

The quick-freezing warehouse temperature is generally below -30 °C, mainly used for quick freezing of food, such as quick-frozen meat, quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen vegetables, etc.It is required to freeze the food quickly within a limited time. The characteristics of the quick-freezing warehouses are the food needs to be frozen quickly. This requires that the cold air can be quickly exchanged around the cargoes. The plastic pallets can be considered to use grid design with a larger mesh to facilitate the flow of air in any direction of the cargo. Freeze the goods quickly.