Plastic pallets, as a daily essential logistics and storage tool, are getting more and more attention. Today, we will introduce some knowledge about the correct way to use plastic pallets and how to prevent damage to plastic pallets which hopefully can help clients to reduce the cost and increase the use frequency of pallets.

How to choose the right quality plastic pallets ?

At present, the plastic pallets on the market can be said to be dazzling. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish between good and bad. It is recommended buyers to go large manufacturer, so products quality are assured . Although some small plant are at a lower price, the quality of the product is not guaranteed. Pallets are even seriously damaged within very short time, which will make buyers lost. Here we would like to advise buyers, you must make sure that you need to load multiple loads in the future, so as to avoid the plastic pallet damaged with overloading. For example, if the customer needs to load 800 kg cargoes, then I suggest you go directly to a plastic pallet with a load capacity of 1t, because this leaves a part of the room to effectively prevent the plastic pallet from being deformed due to excessive load. It can extend the service life of plastic pallets very well.

What kind of forklift ?

Nowadays ,there are many types of forklifts. Plastic pallets should be taken into consideration when selecting forklift. Because forklifts and pallets are used together in the future. Just considering the forklift legs, there are mainly two types of forklift on the market. Narrow and wide legs .And the right forklifts can also very good to prevent damage to the plastic pallets. At present, the quality of forklifts is not the main cause of damage to plastic pallets. When selecting a forklift, you should request the pallet suppliers for some information.