In order to service clients better for storage and transport 5 gallons bottled water rack ,with one of china largest water company NONGFU SPRING requested ,LINGYUE designed a new water rack for 5 gallons bottled water storage and transfer.

Compare to the traditional design for 5 gallons bottled water racks,new racks have more advantages:

1.Assembled design -More stable

Because the 5 gallons bottled water racks have two sides ,one side for holding bottles ,another side for bottles neck .Racks in two parts combined design. Much more stable for your bottles safe and secure transport.

2.More durable -Warranty More than 7 years

With our long time research on servicing clients better ,we found that most pallets broken by forklift. Normally ,a water pallets contacted with forklift directly lifespan less than 2 years. Our new racks bottom pallets in durable welded design. Forklift anti-impact ability  is much higher that others

3.20bottles/layer -More efficient

One layer makes 4*5=20 bottles water. The only one make so many bottles until now. Very well performance on long distance transport and warehouse storage

4.Workale with Auto Packing Machine

For large water plant work with Robot packing machine ,this rack is much more convenient than the traditional design.

5.Racks are acceptable for LOGO printed on

With clients’ requested ,their LOGO is acceptable for printing on.That will make racks more beautiful and make sure racks can not be stolen or missing.

LINGYUE will keep on servicing water companies for their 5 gallons bottled water .And new design for 5 & 4 gallons bottled water racks together design is on the way to serving clients.