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SGS Test Report


Coca-Cola  Supplier


Factory Management are under ISO9001,ISO14001  and OHSAS18001

SGS Test Report for Proving Raw Material are totally Virgin Food Grade .

Plastic pallets supplier for Coca-Cola shanghai factory and Xi’an factory .

LYPALLETS – The Hot Selling Plastic Pallet Manufacturer

LYPALLETS are highly regarded in the industry of plastic pallets suppliers due to their excellent quality standards. If you are seeking to collaborate with the most outstanding plastic pallets China then LYPALLETS is bound to your destination.

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The most popular design for all kinds of racking systems.

FOB $20-35$/PC

Durable Plastic pallets for warehouse and racking systems

Sizes :1200x1000x155mm

Capacity :

Dynamic : 1000-1500 kgs

Static       : 4000-6000 kgs

Racking   : 300 – 1000 kgs

FCL : 500pcs/40ft HC


The most popular design for light weight cargoes

FOB $10-15$/PC

Cheap nestable nine feet plastic pallets

Sizes :1200x1000x140mm

Capacity :

Dynamic :500  – 700 kgs

Static       :1500-2000 kgs

Racking   :Not acceptable .

FCL – 980pcs/40ft HC


The best for stack-able & Rack-able combined use.

FOB $20-35$/PC

Blue color perimeter base japan plastic pallets

Sizes :1200x1000x150mm

Capacity :

Dynamic  : 1000-1500 kgs

Static        : 4000- 6000 kgs

Racking    : 300  – 1000 kgs

FCL – 370 pcs /40ft HC


The best for your warehouse cargoes layers stacking .

FOB $40-45$/PC

molds plastic pallets with dimension 1200x1000 mm

Sizes :1200x1000x150mm

Capacity :

Dynamic  : 1800-2500 kgs

Static        : 6000- 8000 kgs

Racking    : Not Acceptable .

FCL – 370 pcs /40ft HC

Euro Pallets

80x120cm- Mesh or flat top can be customized .

FOB $25-35$/PC

Euro H1 plastic pallets

Sizes :1200x800x160mm

Capacity :

Dynamic : 1000-1500 kgs

Static       : 4000-6000 kgs

Racking   : 300 –  1500 kgs

FCL -565pcs/40ft HC

New Products Arrival

At LYPALLETS, every step of new product development is specially designed to ensure the perfection of end results. We are well-versed in creating plastic pallets China products that effectively address all aspects of production and design, enabling our customers to market their products economically. In the international market, we are the most demanding plastic pallets suppliers.
LYPALLETS is the leading Plastic Pallets manufacturer. Our pallets are made from 100% recyclable plastic. We are capable of building the perfect pallet for any application, whether you’re moving or storing carpeting, lumber, heavy machinery, chemical drums, mattresses, appliances, equipment or other big, different sized items.
Being China’s largest Plastic Pallet Manufacturer, we develop at least 4 – 5 new plastic products every year, showcasing our company’s actual strength. Each of our new design goes through a team of expert engineering staff, project manager, quality assurance and production members. We aim to deliver plastic pallets on time and within budget. Our totally plastic pallet manufacturer models are more than 100 units.

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Heavy Duty Nestable

Nestable but very high forklift capacity - up to 2500 kgs

Blow mold design

A heavy duty nestable design plastic pallets with serious quality .We believe this pallet will be the most popular one all over the world soon .

Heavy duty nestable plastic pallets

5 Gallons bottled water racks

Ideas from China Largest Pure water factory- NONGFU SPRING.

Special pallets design for 5 gallons bottled water storage and transfer

The vertical bottled water racks are more and more popular all over the world.

bottled water plastic rack

Collapsible Pallets Boxes

Ideas from lots of our old clients ,they required pallets containers for vegetables and fruit .

Collapsible Pallets Boxes

Our new pallets boxes in size 1200*1000*760 mm. Fold able design for space saving purpose .Bottom with strong ribs ,which makes boxes higher loading capacityCollapsible Plastic Pallets Box for vegetables and fruit

Empty Glasses bottles Pallets

Ideas from TsingTao Beer's Glass bottles supplier

Empty Glasses Bottles transfer and storage solutions

With Request from TsingTao Beer ‘s galss bottles supplier,we developed this new plastic pallets for glass bottles  transfer and storage.Special plastic pallets for glass bottles


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LY pallets ,reliable pallets expert around you.

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Latest News

We would like clients to learn the most about LINGYUE

A World Food Programme (WFP)verified plastic pallets supplier – LINGYUE PACKING

January 23rd, 2019|

We are honored to say that ,LINGYUE PACKING is World Food Programme (WFP)verified plastic pallets supplier again . As we all know , World Food Programme (in following we will say WFP) is the leading


Operational Excellence

Lypallets invests in people and their capabilities from the entire supply chain, to forest to ship.


The manufacturing process of plastic pallets China is a complex operation for the industry. Lypallets being the best plastic pallets suppliers, has developed, implemented, and retained a step by step manufacturing experience, relying on lean manufacturing principles and an emphasis on operational excellence. Lypallets can build any size pallet for the ultimate in material handling solutions.
We are a data-driven and export quality plastic pallet manufacturer company and responsible for building the quality and reliability to guarantee that all of our activities achieve international metrics, meet rigorous specifications and exceed customer anticipations related to plastic pallets. Our relentless focus on customer satisfaction drives us to become more efficient by abolishing waste and variability in the process to maintain a high level of product consistency. Preserving equipment reliability, product quality, and process stability provides a manufacturing setting that allows us to reduce costs, minimize our impact on the environment, and provide an ecofriendly product that meets with customer specifications. Lypallets employs full-time quality management to test all key quality parameters, with immediate feedback to operators. Process measurements, testing measures, log sheets, and controls are put in place to monitor and affect key pallet attributes.


Our readiness to invest in infrastructure and human capital into the raw material supply chain aids us to limit our cost instability and deliver stable pricing and products to our prestigious customers. In addition to our team of operatives and engineers, we are a company of winners. We instill effort in both minds and practicing a safe work environment. We have incorporated a stand-alone facility that is profitable on its own. Our procurement team is proud to be a consistent producer of high-quality plastic pallet manufacturer. We are the most reliable production facility in the region, and we have maintained an efficient plastic pallets china conversion operation with minimum waste. We are managing all equipment at high operational readiness rates to ensure productivity. Our team is demonstrated and instilled with Lypallets’ company values to maintain service, which helps us to consistently perform as an excellent plastic pallets supplier and service provider that maintains excellent customer relations.

Training & Logistics

We are dedicated to the training and development of our skilled employees. Through extensive training, both on- and off-site, our entire manufacturing crew has the opportunity to become subject matter specialists, fully understanding our manufacturing process and evolving highly transferable technical skills in a cutting edge facility. We rely on each employee to comprehend our strict specifications and apply that knowledge to eliminate shortcomings and make process improvements. Our production facilities are strategically located in advantaged areas and near ocean transportation access points, which have access to export stations. In order to stay connected with our international customers, we have taken the necessary measures. We maintain access to emerging domestic customers and direct access from our growing storage assets. Our flexible delivery alternatives also allow us to cost-effectively deliver pallets to utilities in nearly every domestic and international markets of the world. Lypallets are the eminent Plastic Pallet Manufacturer in the world.

Trusted Partners

LingYue is working as more than 12,000 customers of plastic pallets suppliers all over the world until now. There are small companies, medium companies, and also Top 500 companies across the globe. No matter how big or how little they are. We thank all of the trust of clients, and we promise our service will be better and better.