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Factory Management are under ISO9001,ISO14001  and OHSAS18001

SGS Test Report for Proving Raw Material are totally Virgin Food Grade .

Plastic pallets supplier for Coca-Cola shanghai factory and Xi’an factory .

Hot Selling for Wholesalers Recommend

Due to the Modular design ,plastic pallets are suitable for wholesalers .

The following 5 hottest sale plastic pallets items are highly recommended for wholesale .

So if you are looking for plastic pallets suppliers , and would like to be our wholesalers or agent in your local markets, Please feel free to contact us.

Three Runners Base

The most popular design all over the world.This pallets can be used almost all of the applications

FOB QINGDAO 25.0$/pc (MOQ 300pcs)

Durable Plastic pallets for warehouse and racking systems

Sizes :1200x1000x155mm

Dynamic loading – 1000kgs

Static loading- 4000kgs

Rack Loading -300kgs

FCL – 500pcs/40ft container

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Nest able Light Duty

Due to it's nest able space saving and cheap prices.This design is welcome for light weight cargoes

FOB QINGDAO 12.0$/pc (MOQ 300pcs)

Cheap nestable nine feet plastic pallets

Sizes :1200x1000x140mm

Dynamic loading – 700kgs

Static loading- 1500kgs

Rack Loading -NO

FCL – 980pcs/40ft container

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Full-Perimeter Base

Six runners are mostly popular in Korea ,Japan and some Southeast Asia Countries.

FOB QINGDAO 26.0$/pc (MOQ 300pcs)

Blue color perimeter base japan plastic pallets

Sizes :1200x1000x150mm

Dynamic loading – 1000kgs

Static loading- 6000kgs

Rack Loading -300 kgs

FCL – 370 pcs /40ft container

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Reversible Mesh Cover

Double faced pallets are in heavy duty normally.They are good at layers cargoes stacking use

FOB QINGDAO 44.0$/pc (MOQ 300pcs)

Reversible Grid surface stack able plastic pallets

Sizes :1200x1000x150mm

Dynamic loading – 1800kgs

Static loading- 6000kgs

Rack Loading -400kgs

FCL – 370 pcs /40ft container

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Euro Size 80x120 cm

1200x800mm plastic pallets are normally stands for Euro standard size.

FOB QINGDAO 28.0$/pc (MOQ 300pcs)

Euro H1 plastic pallets

Sizes :1200x800x160mm

Dynamic loading – 1000kgs

Static loading- 4000kgs

Rack Loading -300 kgs

FCL -565pcs/40ft container

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New Products Arrival

For plastic pallets  ,  a new plastic pallets model will cost around 100,000.00$ .Therefore , new models opened frequency and the quantity of plastic pallets design models , show a company’s actual strength.

As china’s largest plastic pallets manufacturer,We keep on around 4-5  new products development per year.Our totally plastic pallets models are more than 100 units.

Please go to our DOWNLOAD page to get our plastic pallets catalog with your interested.

5 Gallons bottled water racks

Ideas from China Largest Pure water factory- NONGFU SPRING.

Special pallets design for 5 gallons bottled water storage and transfer

The vertical bottled water racks are more and more popular all over the world.

bottled water plastic rack
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Collapsible Pallets Boxes

Ideas from lots of our old clients ,they required pallets containers for vegetables and fruit .

Collapsible Pallets Boxes

Our new pallets boxes in size 1200*1000*760 mm. Fold able design for space saving purpose .Bottom with strong ribs ,which makes boxes higher loading capacityCollapsible Plastic Pallets Box for vegetables and fruit

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Empty Glasses bottles Pallets

Ideas from TsingTao Beer's Glass bottles supplier

Empty Glasses Bottles transfer and storage solutions

With Request from TsingTao Beer ‘s galss bottles supplier,we developed this new plastic pallets for glass bottles  transfer and storage.Special plastic pallets for glass bottles

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A New Steel Pallets

A new tubes design steel pallets show you a more space saving and economic .

Steel Pallets with Tubes Design

This is the steel tubes design pallets.Trucks entry pallets directly into the tubes.This is new steel pallets popular on stacking and racking use.All spec are customized.

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