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Coca-Cola  Supplier


Factory Management are under ISO9001,ISO14001  and OHSAS18001

SGS Test Report for Proving Raw Material are totally Virgin Food Grade .

Plastic pallets supplier for Coca-Cola shanghai factory and Xi’an factory .

LYPALLETS® – Plastic Pallet Manufacturer of the Global Market

Are you looking for premium quality Industrial plastic Pallet and material handling products at affordable rates? Shandong Lingyue Packing Products Co., Ltd is one of the leading and top-demanding China plastic pallet suppliers in the international market. We offer high-performance and reusable China plastic pallets in various sizes and shapes. Our highly skilled employees reduce the cost and waste in the production and provide a vast collection of online industrial plastic pallets in China which is available on our platform.

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The most popular design for all kinds of racking systems.

FOB $15-35$/PC

Durable Plastic pallets for warehouse and racking systems

Sizes :1200x1000x155mm

Capacity :

Dynamic : 1000-2500 kgs

Static       : 4000-6000 kgs

Racking   : 300 – 1500 kgs

FCL : 500pcs/40ft HC


The most popular design for light weight cargoes

FOB $5 -15$/PC

Cheap nestable nine feet plastic pallets

Sizes :1200x1000x140mm

Capacity :

Dynamic :500  – 1500 kgs

Static       :1500-3000 kgs

Racking   :Not acceptable .

FCL – 980pcs/40ft HC


The best for stack-able & Rack-able combined use.

FOB $15-35$/PC

Blue color perimeter base japan plastic pallets

Sizes :1200x1000x150mm

Capacity :

Dynamic  : 1000-2500 kgs

Static        : 4000- 6000 kgs

Racking    : 300  – 1500 kgs

FCL – 370 pcs /40ft HC


The best for your warehouse cargoes layers stacking .

FOB $25-45$/PC

molds plastic pallets with dimension 1200x1000 mm

Sizes :1200x1000x150mm

Capacity :

Dynamic  : 1800-2500 kgs

Static        : 6000- 8000 kgs

Racking    : Not Acceptable .

FCL – 370 pcs /40ft HC

Euro Pallets

80x120cm- Mesh or flat top can be customized .

FOB $20-35$/PC

Euro H1 plastic pallets

Sizes :1200x800x160mm

Capacity :

Dynamic : 1000-1500 kgs

Static       : 4000-6000 kgs

Racking   : 300 –  1500 kgs

FCL -565pcs/40ft HC

Main Services

LYPALLETS offers plastic pallet Sales services (China & Overseas Markets) , Plastic Pallet Rental services (China & Overseas Markets), and Plastic Pallet Pooling systems services (China only). In china ,CHEP ,LOSCAM and LYPALLETS are listed in the Top 10 pallets pooling companies. CHEP and LOSCAM are mainly working with wooden pallets. As the best China plastic pallet manufacturer, LYPALLETS 100% concentrate is on producing plastic pallets, which means our more professional business is Industrial Plastic Pallet Solutions. We promise you to provide the best quality custom material handling products as we are known for the most reliable plastic pallet provider in the market.

Why Choose Us?

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You are working with the company have qualified well-known trade mark – LYPALLETS® .

At LYPALLETS, every step in producing new products is specially designed to ensure that the results are flawless and perfect. Plastic pallets  is durable, sturdy, and hygienic because they are designed and produced with high-quality material and advanced machines. Our manufactured industrial plastic pallet solution hygienic property makes them the ultimate option for all companies or businesses searching for sterilized alternatives, such as the food and beverage or pharmaceutical industries. We also sell custom design pallets to our customers according to their needs and demand. We operate through various sectors and efficiently supply stackable plastic pallet containers of high quality to meet our customers’ specific needs.

LYPALLETS is the top plastic pallet manufacturer in China; our pallets are made from 100% recyclable plastic. We are trusted and a handful of online plastic pallets supplier in china. The non-toxic and internationally licensed stackable plastic pallets are offered at reasonable rates by our company. We promise that you the best, safer, and heavy-duty plastic pallets will be delivered to you according to your specifications.

We strive to create a comprehensive custom high-quality plastic pallet solution to suit the diverse requirements of various industries. Our extensive experience has helped us build and supply all of your products with healthy plastic pallet racks. They are also successful in reducing costs and environmental effects. We place a great focus on sustainability so that we can fulfill your target of sustainable products quickly. As a consequence, we sell plastic pallets China that are completely recyclable.

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Our Core Values

LYPALLETS is committed to becoming the pioneer of China’s creative and sustainable plastic pallets, thus attaining unmatched value for our customers.

Our Clients Say

“Dear Candy ,
We have got your pallets too much satisfactory .It had a good strength.
We will come back to you when we need further pallets.

Paula Veiga-Ace

“Lingyue is one of the best company I had been worked with.Their servicing ,their products,I have no doubt about this company.”


“I like Julian ,I like LingYue(LY).We had been worked for several years,I am always trust them”


“Hi Julian,
Yes I ‘m completely satisfied with the product and I’m the guy in front
of the container on the second pic.
I would like to visit china I ‘m fascinated by your huge country and his
amazing history.
I am really happy to work with you and your company.
We’ll keep in touch
Kindly regards”



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100% virgin food grade material plastic pallet to ecuador

April 21st, 2023|

-Plastic Pallet exporting to ecuador . 233pcs of blue plastic pallet exporting to Ecuador for Ice bags storage . Pallet information : 1200x1000x150mm three runners back design . Model Name :#006-LY-CW1210C Loading capacity :Dynamic 1000kgs

Trusted Industrial Plastic Pallets Supplier At Affordable Rates

Plastic pallets are essential to facilitate mechanical handling. To facilitate mechanical handling, plastic pallets are essential. LYPallets is the best plastic pallet manufacturer. Are you looking for sustainable and innovative plastic pallets for moving the heavy weight products? Don’t worry; we are here to provide you the supreme quality and heavy-duty pallets at an affordable rate.

LYPALLETS is an excellent source of plastic pallets supplier. We solve all your plastic pallet queries. We solve all the challenges with the expertise, resources, and industry knowledge needed to get the job done according to your specifications or customized demands.

Features of Plastic Pallets

Being a well-known plastic pallets supplier, we offer custom plastic pallets to our customers. We use high-grade plastic material that is UV secure. As a result of our flexible molding techniques, we deliver multiple plastic pallet designs and types. Our pallets are recyclable, but they have environmentally friendly characteristics. They are designed to be sturdy and to process and support heavy loads for a long time. Besides, our plastic pallets China are lightweight and have high toxic weather/chemical impact resistance. Place an order now! And receive premium quality pallets from the world recognized plastic pallet manufacturer.

Advantages of Plastic Pallets

• Plastic pallets & handling are a long-term investment since they last ten times more than ordinary wood pallets.
• Being a plastic pallets distributor, we provide recyclable properties into our pallets; thus, they can be reused and inflict no damage to the environment.
• It is effortless to clean them and maintain hygiene standards.
• Their lightweight allows the manufacturers a cost-effective solution for transportation and shipping costs.
• They have flexible designs and can easily be tailored as per the needs. Moreover, it is easy to handle.
• They do not have any sharp edges, nails, and splinters.

What is a normal pallet size?2020-10-27T10:27:38+00:00

The normal pallet size of a standard pallet is 48″×40″.

What’s the difference between a skid and a pallet?2020-10-27T10:37:42+00:00

Skid is the oldest version of the pallet. The difference between the pallet and the skid is due to the number of decks. Skid does not have the bottom neck, but the pallet has both top and bottom neck. Having both top and bottom necks provides more stability to the pallets.

What is the maximum height of a pallet?2020-10-27T10:38:59+00:00

The maximum height of a single pallet is generally 77 inches, and the maximum height of the stacked pallet is usually 84 inches.

How much space do you need between pallet racks?2020-10-27T10:39:27+00:00

The space between the pallet racks must be 3 inches.

Where to buy the best quality plastic pallets?2020-10-27T10:39:53+00:00

The best quality plastic pallets should be bought from the best manufacturers and suppliers, and that is the LYPALLETS. Shandong Lingyue Packing Products Co., Ltd is considered the top-notch manufacturer of China that makes the most durable plastic pallets.

Trusted Partners

As China’s leading and high-end custom plastic pallet manufacturer, Shandong Lingyue Packing Products Co., Ltd has worked so far for more than 12,000 clients from around the world. We have alliances with small enterprises, medium-sized corporations, and the world’s top 500 businesses as well. It doesn’t matter how big or how little they are. We thank all our customers for their trust, and we promise to make our service better and better. This plastic pallets supplier provides you the most heavy-duty and strong plastic pallets China in the industry. As there are many plastic pallet distributors but we are the most trustable plastic pallet exporter you can find in the industry.

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